Educating for a New and Better World

Schools for Chiapas provides resources and training for autonomous Mayan education centers and schools in the misty mountains and steamy jungles of the Mexican southeast.

Schools for Chiapas also sponsors and organizes a variety of cultural and educational programs at the international level in support of popular struggles for dignity, democracy, and justice. Please consider giving Gifts of Change this holiday season or purchase a gift item from the wide variety of Chiapas products at our online store.  Our volunteer travel programs to Chiapas, international speaking tours and the solidarity growing of GE-free Mayan corn are also creative, fun ways to help.  No matter what, please sign up today for our occassional email newsletter.

Schools for Chiapas was first inspired by the emerging Zapatista education system which continues to be conceived and implemented by indigenous women and men living in rural Mayan communities of Chiapas. Today Mayan children and adults in Chiapas live and learn in community-run, Zapatista centers that promote indigenous language and traditions while charting an independent path for indigenous development based on dignity, democracy, and justice. These programs of education for literacy, education for health, and education for ecological agriculture are truly unique and inspirational.

If you live in or near Chiapas, or if you live anywhere else on our Mother Earth; we invite you, your family and friends to join us and the Zapatistas in the joyful struggle to birth a new and better world.  !Hasta la Victoria , ZAPATISTA! 

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